Candy Crush Soda Saga Level 310

Hints and tips for level 310 Soda Saga
The first bottles are hidden under the frosting on the right side of the board, no more will float up from the dispensers until you have burst them all.
Once you have burst all the soda bottles on the right side of the board more will float up from the dispensers on the left.
Only one soda bottle will be on the board at a time, so you need plenty of moves to collect them all.
Fish are the most useful special candy in level 310 Soda Saga, so make them whenever possible.
Keep the candies moving as much as possible, the two halves of the board are connected, so as the soda fills the board working in the right side will bring the candies up on the left.
Study the board carefully before every move and use the sprinkleshell as soon as it is full either to burst a bottle or move candies out of the way to make combos.
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Anonymous said...

Been stuck with this nonsense for awhile! I get the worst luck with the board setups it seems.I should be moving along faster...I can't be getting sucked in to pay for extra moves to pass a level...