Candy Crush Soda Saga Level 189

Hints and tips for level 189 Soda Saga
The three bears will be hidden in three of the "legs" at the bottom of the board, Or at the top but they could be in any of the ten places and they will move each time you play the level.
So first you have to find them, then you have to uncover them from the frosting.
All this is made more difficult by the licorice falling down from the top and the fact there are 7 colours on the board which makes it very difficult to make any sort of special candy.
In fact I found that most of the time the moves were very restricted and the board has a tendency to shuffle as you run out of moves.
Keep the licorice under control by matching next to it and try to work as low down on the board as possible.
Once you find the bears concentrate on them and forget the rest of the board as far as clearing is concerned, but check the whole board carefully before you make a move as you will need specials and combos which will get to the places where the bears are hiding.
Stripe/wrap combos are good, as are colour bombs switched with any other special candy.
Don't waste moves making fish unless you have no choice, they are just as likely to go to a square you don't need as one you do.
The only time a fish may be useful is if switched with a colour bomb or colouring candy.
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