Candy Crush Soda Saga Level 156

Hints and tips for level 156 Soda Saga
You need to burst 9 soda bottles to complete level 156.
When you match a fish it will always go to the soda bottles, whether they are hidden under the honey or not, it doesn't matter to the fish.
If you switch a fish with a striped candy it will carry the striped candy to the soda bottle.
If the stripes on the striped candy are vertical the blast will hit all the soda bottles on one side if you switch the stripe with a fish so this is a very useful combo.
This page will show you how to make the stripes 
the way you want them.
You don't need to clear all the honey as the bottles will fall from the dispensers as you clear one another will fall until you have all nine.
Video below

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luckylau said...

Been playing level 335 candy crush soda for over month...can't get it..Why, I ask....urggg...getting boring now...