Candy Crush Soda Saga Level 442

Hints and tips for level 442 Soda Saga
You have to save 31 bears from the honey in 2 sections.
There are 15 bears in the first section, none in the bottom row of honey.
Once the bears are collected the bottom row of honey will reveal wraps and fish which you will be able to use on the second board.
There are only 4 colours on the board so making special candies is easy, this is a fun level to play especially if you can get some colour bombs which will set of cascades.
Use the sprinkleshell as soon as it's full, there's no advantage in saving it. You can use it to set off wraps or remove a candy that's separating two specials to make a combo.
Video below


Anonymous said...

i have 5 colors on my board! been trying for ages, just cant get thru. yellow orange red blue and green!!!

Anonymous said...

Beg to differ...there are 5 colors...and I've been stuck here for a long, long time...

Kay Cota said...

442 ready to quit!!!!!!been on this for 7 weeks how to get these bears??????? K