Candy Crush Soda Saga Level 425

Hints and tips for level 425 Soda Saga
Level 425 is a fun level played over 2 boards.
The candies zigzag around the board on the first part, and there are only 3 colours to begin with so lots of cascades will happen without you having to do much.
Match as low down as you can to keep the candies moving and take advantage of the cascades.
As you clear the board more colours will start to be released from the dispensers so by the time you get to the second board you will have all 7 colours on the board so it will be much more difficult to make combos.
For this reason you should make as many special candies as you can in the first board as they will drop down to be used in the second.
The candies move down as normal in the second board, so work as low down as possible and remember to check the whole board before every move,
Video below
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Unknown said...

Most frustrating level so far! Played over 200 times and second level just will not give any combos to get last layer cleared. Why make a level so difficult that all fun is gone from playing.

Anonymous said...

Not right this has now been updated! Please could we have the latest 425 level.

Anonymous said...

This isn't the board I got

Anonymous said...

This isn't the board I get either, June 14, 2018