Candy Crush Soda Saga level 415

Hints and tips for level 415 Soda Saga
If you can get vertical stripes or a stripe / wrap combo in the middle of the board above the purple candy cross which is hidden in the frosting you can use the purple candies to blast away some of the cupcake blockers and make a start clearing them from the board.

You only need to get 2 stripes so you can get a 4 row sideways blast.
It isn't always possible to use the purple candies to best effect, so don't lose heart if you lose them without being able to match them.
Once you break into the middle of the blockers keep working in amongst them to keep clearing and the jam will take care of itself generally.
Remember to check the whole board before every move as you really need to make powerful combos to clear level 415 in the moves available.
If you can manage to get a Rainbow Kimmy you will be almost there!
Otherwise it's just careful planning to make specials and combos.
Video below

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