Candy Crush Soda Saga level 398

Hints and tips for level 398 Soda Saga
On the first board the bear moves from left to right, so don't move it down or up, just make matches in the same row on the right of the bear so it moves across to the right, then it will go down and you need to remove one of the shoelace candies.
Next you need to burst the soda bottles, try not to let the bear move up until you have collected all the soda bottles or they will be lost off the bottom of the screen and you'll have to try to float them back up.
Use the colour bomb as it won't move up the board later.
The final stage you need to clear whatever is blocking the path for the bear, there are shoestring candies and frosting to remove. The frosting contains the final soda bottles so needs to be cleared.
Use combos whenever possible and fish combined with any other special candy will be very helpful to clear frosting and burst bottles.
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