Candy Crush Soda Saga level 395

Hints and tips for level 395 Soda Saga
You will need some heavy duty combos to clear the honey and collect the bears.
Look for purple cough drop combos which will do a lot of damage, but any special candy which will affect the honey will be needed.
Slow down and look at the board carefully before every move as you won't have many to spare.
Stripe/wrap combos will be useful, but best, if you can make it, is a colour bomb switched with a wrapped candy. 
Don't worry too much about the shoelace candies, they will be removed as you switch your combos and they do not block the blasts from your stripes as licorice does.
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Anonymous said...

I don't like soda crush and I'm tired of these lucky board levels that take forever to complete. No wonder there aren't any comments. Everyone's given up and moved on to games that require more than pushing candies around for no discernable purpose.

Anonymous said...

King finally allowed me to pass this level after a week. Was doing my head in. Next level chocolate, completed first go. Then next level is find the bears again but not classified a hard level this time.

Judy Rodde said...

posting for luck!!