Candy Crush Soda Saga level 365

Hints and tips for level 365 Soda Saga
Concentrate as much as possible on the thick honey at the bottom of the board as these are the hardest to clear.
At the same time keep your eye on the top half of the board and if you see any moves that will spread the jam use them, combos are best although stripes are not much use against the licorice that will come from the dispensers so try not to let the licorice take over too much by making matches next to it.
There are only 5 colours on the board so making combos isn't too difficult and this is what you need to clear this level. Make every move count by either spreading jam or clearing honey.
Use the purple candies whenever you can make a special with them, try not to match them in threes as they will not help much, save them as much as you can to make specials as this will be the key to beating level 365.
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Anonymous said...

On the top right of the screen it says 18/75 and it doesn't change. That's hoe many are left before I win. It stays the same and doesn't change. How do I get it fixed? It is the same at the beginning of each game.