Candy Crush Soda Saga level 364

Hints and tips for level 364 Soda Saga
This is a soda bottle level so fish will be useful to burst the bottles, but before you can collect the soda bottles you will have to clear the squares marked on the picture below to allow the soda bottles to be released.
You can also clear the ones at the opposite sides of the dispensers if you find that is happening easier, but you will need at least one under a dispenser and at least one above it. Any combination will work as the bottles will need to drop out downwards until the soda gets above the dispensers, then as the soda gets higher the bottles will come out of the top.
There are only 25 moves so make every one count.
Level 364 has green soda so match in the soda as much as you can so the fish will help clear the blockers for you and also burst the bubbles.
Video below
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