Candy Crush Soda Saga level 360

Tips and help for level 360 Soda Saga
You need to get 5 bubble bears over the candy string, the bears are all in a line at the bottom and you have green soda to help.
Pop the first few soda bottles either by matching them or making matches in the soda and letting the fish pop them.
Make matches ONLY in the soda once it is higher, it will go past the first of the frosted blocks so then try to match next to the frosted blocks once the soda is high enough.
Keep the bears fairly level or the board won't move up. 
Try to make special candies and combos in the soda, as these will give you loads of fish which will help clear the frosted blocks.
There are some striped candies hidden along the way in the frosted blocks so try to switch them with a wrap or another special candy.
The main thing to remember is to keep the bears moving.
Video below
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