Candy Crush Soda Saga level 357

Tips and help for level 357 Soda Saga
You need to rescue 3 bears from the frosting. The bears are not always in the same place on every game, so you have to find them as well as uncover them
There is a colouring candy under the cupcake in the center of the board which needs to be hit 6 times to uncover it.
Be very careful when you are down to one layer of frosting on the colouring candy because you will lose it if there are 2 candies the same colour next to it when it is uncovered.
The ideal use of the colouring candy is to have a stripe, wrap or colour bomb sitting next to it when it is uncovered so you can switch it for the best effect.
Once you can see where the bears are don't waste moves elsewhere on the board, the aim is to rescue bears, not clear the board.
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