Candy Crush Soda Saga level 349

Tips and help for level 349 Soda Saga
The board moves sideways in level 349, so you will have to adjust your thinking to get the cascades.
Without the soda the board moves from right to left, and inside the soda the candies, and the board, move from left to right.
Once you have uncovered the first few soda bottles work in the green soda as much as possible so the fish will go for more bottles.
Check the whole board before every move and REMEMBER the board moves SIDEWAYS!
Once you get the soda past the string on the right the fish are unlikely to help you too muh, so you'll need to make matches that get the bears to the right, they will slip diagonally between blocks if you can make matches on the right so there's no need to completely clear the blockers.
Video below
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