Candy Crush Soda Saga level 339

Tips and help for level 339 Soda Saga
Level 339 is a tricky level which needs lots of heavy duty combos to break through the frosting and find the bears.
The candies move in a U shape, starting at the top left, down to the bottom, then across from left to right and up to the top right. See image.
Clear the first jelly cake in as few moves as possible, then work on making as many combos as you can while clearing the second one. These will take off two layers of the frosting, but there is still a lot to get through!
Once you are into the right side work as close to the top as you can, but remember to check the other side of the board before each move, as stripe, wraps and colour bombs will help from the other side. 
Don't waste moves making fish, they won't help enough to be worth the move.
Video below
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