Candy Crush Soda Saga level 69

Hints and tips for level 69 Soda Saga
The first board you need to break the soda bottles as quickly as possible so you don't waste moves. 
The blockers don't have to be completely cleared, just enough to let the bear through.
On the second board the bear moves DOWNWARDS so you need to break a way through the blockers to allow it to fall down past the candy string.
Don't waste moves that don't work towards this aim.
A well placed stripe at the top to set off the wrapped candy in the middle will be helpful.
The third board is the trickiest!
The candies move in a spiral pattern from the top right in a clockwise direction all the way to the middle. 
To get the bear to the string you need to move the candies in the area marked with a red line in the image below.
The more candies you can remove from this area the quicker the bear will move into the middle, once the bear is close to the middle you need to move the candies in the middle and it will go down and cross the string.
Moving candies outside this area once the bear is inside will not be very helpful.
Once the bear gets into position above the candy string, as in the image below, don't move it to the side or up as it'll have to go around again. You need to move the candies in the middle so the bear can go down.
In the image you can see I can make a stripe with the red candies, which with a bit of luck I can use to move the bear down to the string. If that doesn't work use fish, which will always go for the candy next to the bear.

As usual look at the whole board before every move to see if there are any chances to make special candies or combos which will affect the middle part of the board.
Video below

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