Candy Crush Soda Saga level 351

Tips and help for level 351 Soda Saga
Level 351 Soda Saga is an insanely hard level and needs luck as well as careful playing to pass it.
The aim is to rescue 13 bears from under the cupcake blockers and frosting.
Try to work as close to the bottom of the board as possible and your aim has to be always to be looking to make either a colour bomb or wrapped candy.
Striped candies are easy to make on level 351 so if you can make a wrapped candy and switch it with a stripe it will clear a lot of cupcakes. Make sure there isn't too much licorice blocking your combos or they will not be as effective.
If you manage to make a colour bomb try to switch it with another special candy if possible. If you can't get another special candy next to the colour bomb look carefully at the other colours and see if removing one colour will give you another colour bomb, or help get 2 other special candies next to each other.
You will get a lot of stripes falling from the dispensers at the top, so use them with a fish to get into the difficult places. The fish will not always take the stripe where you need it most, but it will clear a line wherever it lands.
It is especially important on level 351 that you study the board carefully before each move, as you will run out of moves very quickly.
Keep working at the bottom, but check the top. Working at the bottom will give you the best chance of getting cascades which will save you moves.
Video below.