Candy Crush Soda Saga level 323

Tips and help for level 323 Soda Saga
Level 323 is quite confusing to begin with . There are two bears to rescue and the game begins as in the image below.
The bear on the left needs to be dropped down into the soda by matching below it as close to the bottom of the board as possible.
The bear on the right also moves down. Once the board moves the top bear moves to the left while the bottom one still has to move down.
Even though you can't see the bears on this second section, they will appear as you make matches as indicated by the arrows below.

Keep working on moving the top bear to the left and the bottom one will also begin to move left in the next section of the board. Once you get as far left with the bears as they will go the board moves again and both bears have to move upwards in the soda, so you will need to burst soda bottles in the left column to float the bears up.
The last few soda bottles are frozen in ice and you will also get licorice falling down to block your moves, but you're almost there.
Video below.
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