Candy Crush Soda Saga level 250

Hints and tips for level 250 Soda Saga
As usual on bubble bear levels fish are the most useful to burst the soda bottles, but on the first board of level 250 you also need other special candies to break the cupcakes and allow the bear to float up to the candy string.
Use as few moves as possible on the first board as you will need them later.
The second board begins with a wrapped candy and soda bottle. The bear is locked in the right, bottom corner so you need to work your way to it through the honey.
Try to make stripe/wrap combos as these will cut through a lot of honey, or any special candy mixed with a colour bomb or colouring candy.
The third board is the most difficult so you need plenty of moves left to break through the frosting and release the bear.
Wrapped candies are especially good at breaking the frosting, and as the candies move upwards on the third board you can work next to the frozen blocks and use as many powerful combos as you can make. Don't waste moves making fish on this board as they are pretty useless. You need wrapped candies and stripes, switched with a colour bomb if you can.
Video below