Candy Crush Soda Saga level 109

Tips and help for level 109 Soda Saga
There are 10 bears hidden in the honey on the first board. Fish re useful to find the bears, especially if you can switch them with a striped candy or colour bomb.
Don't waste moves clearing honey where there are no bears, the task is to rescue bears, not clear honey.
Work as low on the board as you can but don't forget to check the whole board before every move.
There are some striped candies hidden in the honey, but allow them to be uncovered naturally rather than waste moves trying to uncover them. Any special candies that you don't use in the first board will fall down to be used in the next, so don't worry if you don't uncover them.
The second board has only 3 bears to rescue, once again use as few moves as possible to uncover them. There is a colour bomb hidden in the left corner but it will be uncovered to use on the third board once the bears are all rescued so don't worry about uncovering it yet.
The final 5 bears are on the third board, try to mix the colour bomb with another special candy, or wait until the wrapped candy is uncovered and use the colour bomb on that colour so at least you get a good effect.
There is also a colouring candy in the bottom right corner of the third board. By the time you uncover the colouring candy you will probably have rescued most of the bears so it may or may not be much use. But match it with a fish or other special candy if you can.
Remember, always check the whole board before every move so you don't miss any good moves.
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