Candy Crush Soda Saga level 65

Tips for level 65 Soda Saga

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Level 65 is a tricky level because you don't want to bring the first bear up too quickly.
Take the bear down to the soda by matching candies under it, Make as few matches as you can because no more candies fall from the top, go down as far as you can before you start bursting bottles, then burst as many soda bottles as you can without allowing the bear to float up.
While you are bursting the bottles you should also be breaking the cupcake blockers to allow the other bears to float free.
You may not be able to release all the bears, so any you don't manage to release will have to be collected later after you have rescued the first ones.
For this reason you need to use as few moves as possible getting the bears to the top,.
Stripes or fish/stripe combos will float the bears up quickly with the fewest moves.
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