Candy Crush Soda Saga level 159

Tips for level 159 Soda Saga

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You need to burst enough bubbles to raise the soda for all three levels in 159.
Each time you pop a bottle a new one will appear so the faster you burst the bottles the more you will get, if you waste too many moves you won't have enough moves left to complete the level.
Keep working in the middle and try to keep the bear from floating up until until you have burst around 20 soda bottles.
Hopefully by the time you move up to the second stage you have popped enough bottles to fill up the soda so you now need to make fish and stripes to raise the bear.
In the third section new bottles will only appear in the bottom left corner. fish candies will move the bears past the candy string.
Check the column the bears are in before every move to see if you can make a move there to keep the bears moving.
Video below.

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