Striped lolly booster

How do I use the striped lolly booster?

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Some people have had the striped lollipop for several weeks, but the rest of us have only just received ours, so here's how it works for those of you who have just received yours.
Everyone gets the first 3 striped lollies free, but once you have used them you have to buy more with gold bars.
The striped lollipop boosters costs 99 gold bars for three lollies, so a bit expensive.
Once you have your lollies you can use them on any level and they clear 2 lines of candies or blockers, one horizontal and one vertical, exactly the same as if you switched 2 striped candies together. 
See image below.
To use the striped lollipop booster just click on it, then move your mouse or pointer to the candy you want to use it on and click on that candy, the lolly will hit the candy and set of the striped blast both ways.
See how it works in the short video below.