Candy Crush Soda Saga level 158

Tips for level 158 Soda Saga

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Cookies tips.
You don't have a lot of moves to spare on level 158, so make them count.
Fish are useful but I try not to waste a move making one unless there is no better move, a better move being one that makes another special candy or clears some bears or honey. Fish will often make themselves in the cascades, then use them switched with another special, especially a stripe.
Try to make sure that every move clears some honey unless you are making a good special candy or combo. Colour bomb/stripe combos are very good at clearing lots of honey although a colour bomb alone is pretty useless.
Look at the whole board before every move and don't rush.

More tips.
Work as low as you can in the middle four columns of honey.
Stripe/wrap combos and stripe/fish combo's are excellent for clearing honey and rescuing the bears.
Remember, 1 fish will clear 1 bear... 1 fish switched with a stripe will clear a whole row of bears, so it's worth working for a combo.
By Brenda O Driscoll
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