Candy Crush Soda Saga level 105

Tips for level 105 Soda Saga
You start level 105 with 7 colours of candy on the board. Try to make sure every move counts. Look for specials and combos with every move and never make a move that doesn't either take away honey, frosting or make or match a combo.
Matches of 3 will not be enough to clear this board, you will need some heavy duty combos to have any hope of clearing level 105.
At the bottom, under the honey there is a colouring candy. If you manage to uncover it try to switch it with another special, a stripe, wrap or even a fish, as this will be much more effective than using it on a single candy.
Better still if you can switch the colour changer with a colour bomb! But this needs lots of luck and is unlikely to happen often.
Video below.

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